What’s in your food?

The Australian Food and Drink Journal is reporting that an innovative food truck process solution could lead to a major food revolution in Australia, with more than 50 food trucks already operating in Sydney.

The innovative food service, which aims to bring customers into a warehouse to get their food from a warehouse, has already attracted local food trucks and is now looking to expand further.

The company has already secured a $5 million investment from Sydney-based venture capital firm The Crossover Capital Group, as well as funding from a number of other investors.

Food truck food processing solutions are expected to reduce the cost of food and increase consumer choice in Australia.

The project is currently testing in Sydney’s inner west.

A spokesperson for the company told the Australian Financial Report:The company says that they aim to provide customers with a ‘clean, safe and affordable option’ to buy processed foods.

“Our solution will offer customers the option to purchase locally sourced and processed food that meets their needs, and that will be delivered directly to their door.”

The food truck service will be a major change in the way Australians buy food and we are excited to be partnering with a major Australian food delivery company to deliver this service.

“The Australian Food Company Association is already working to expand its existing food service network in Sydney, with the company working with a number food truck vendors in the area to get the project rolling.

It has already expanded its network to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

The company says the pilot will provide customers the ability to purchase their food directly from a grocery store.

The new food truck model is a significant expansion of the company’s food service offerings, which have been available since the mid-2000s.

The business has also secured the services of an additional 30 food truck owners in Sydney to ensure the company can keep up with demand.

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