‘Dirty Harry’ Season 2 stars are a ‘great addition to the show’

With the season 2 finale on the horizon, the first installment of the “Dirty Laundry” movie franchise has a lot to say about how they were treated and what they think about it now.

The show’s writers also revealed that the final episodes will be “really dirty” for fans to see, saying it’ll be “like the final act of the show” when the series comes to a close.

The writers of the series shared that the season will end with the deaths of a couple of the characters who had been a part of the original show and that they were “shocked and disappointed” that their deaths were left in the finale.

“I mean, it was a really dark and bloody ending to the story,” said creator, Tom Ellis.

“And there were some really, really dark scenes.”

“It’s a really big, really bloody ending,” Ellis added.

“But we wanted to get to the point where you can just watch the finale and be like, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to see that again.'”

“I want to get people to understand that this show is really, truly dirty,” Ellis told MTV News.

“It wasn’t just the way that the film was shot and the music was done, it wasn’t like the way we shot the show, it really wasn’t.

And the show wasn’t really the story that we wanted it to be, but the show that we made.”

Ellis said he’s “happy” that the show’s producers have come to the conclusion that the finale is “pretty good.”

He said the final scene will be the “final act” of the movie, and the writers are hoping to “get a ton of people into it.”

“We have a ton to talk about,” Ellis said.

“We just want to make sure people understand how we made the ending.

We wanted to make the ending that was best for the characters and the world and we didn’t want to let that slip.”

“And I’m so proud of the writers and how they’ve gotten there, because we’ve had some really great writers on this show,” he added.

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