When the new wall comes down, food processors are on alert

Food processors have been left scrambling to ensure their facilities are prepared for a new wall to close in time for Christmas.

There are a number of hurdles that need to be overcome before the wall can be put in place.

Food processors have already been told to start preparing for the wall’s construction, which is expected to start around January 2018.

There have been some delays in the preparation of goods as a result of a number problems, including a breach in a food processing wall at one of the processing plants.

Food processing walls at major European food processing plants have already received the first phase of the wall.

In the meantime, some small food companies have been given some extra time to prepare and will be able to get their products to market at the same time as the new border wall is being erected.

In Northern Ireland, there is already an agreement between Northern Ireland and the UK to build a wall along the border with Ireland.

The Irish Government is also working with a number other countries, including Germany, to construct a new barrier along the northern border to prevent people crossing the border.

There is a lot of uncertainty and confusion, said Michael McGovern, director of the Centre for Food Security at the Institute of Public Affairs in Dublin.

“There are delays in our planning for the new barrier because of the issues with the existing one,” he said.

“We are concerned about how much of this will be there in time, so we are looking at ways of getting it there.”

Mr McGovern said that food processors would also need to make sure their premises are fully compliant with the new requirements.

“Food processing is a key industry for our country, and it is vital that we have the necessary equipment and processes to handle the new requirement,” he added.

“I understand the importance of ensuring that all food processing facilities are ready to be prepared for this new wall, but there is also the risk that if they are not prepared then they could become vulnerable to the new threat.”

A wall is not just for building, it is also for deterrence, which we will need to ensure is maintained in the event of an attack on Ireland.

“Follow the latest news on the border in our live blog below.

Read more about the border crisis:Follow the Independent’s border coverage on the Independent website

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