Food Trace Report: Processed Breakfast Foods Source Fox Sports

This is a summary of the report from Food Trace, the industry group representing the food industry.

Food Trace’s Food Processing Report 2016 found that processed breakfast foods were one of the top 10 products on the list of foods that caused the most foodborne illnesses and were among the top 100 foods with the highest risk for contamination of food and water.

The top 10 food products that were identified as potentially contaminated were:Breakfast cereals, chips, granola bars, granolas, and chips and salsa.

This is the top item on the report’s list of processed foods with a risk of contamination of water and food, with more than 2,000 food items found to be contaminated with a high degree of contamination.

The highest risk products included frozen dinners, pizza, frozen dinners with meat, pizza with meat and meat sauce, and pizza with cheese.

The report also found that breakfast cereals are one of a handful of products that are at a higher risk for foodborne illness due to their processing, as they contain a higher concentration of fat and sugars than breakfast cereal products.

Breakfast cereal products are a high risk of foodborne foodborne disease, and these foods are more likely to be consumed when they are being processed and reheated to prevent contamination.

According to Food Trace data, breakfast cerealis are processed in four ways:from scratch,with pre-processed ingredients,in bulk, and in the kitchen, which leads to higher contamination rates than other processed foods.

The study found that cereal grains are among the most contaminated food items with a level of contamination that is 10 times higher than breakfast cereal.

According, to Food and Drug Administration data, cereal grains account for about 70% of the total volume of breakfast cereales consumed by Americans.

A Food and Foodborne Illness Prevention Institute study in 2008 found that in the United States, breakfast cereal products were a significant source of food-borne illness.

In a separate study in 2011, researchers found that one in four people consumed cereal grains as breakfast.

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