What the science says about how the food we eat impacts our health

By Dan StobergerA new study has found that processed foods may be the most damaging thing we eat.

Researchers from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, analyzed data from more than 1.4 million Americans between ages 6 and 94, and found that the amount of processed food in the U.S. is responsible for the largest amount of the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Researchers say the study shows that food is one of the most dangerous foods we eat, and that it’s not just the amount, but also the quantity that matters.

Researchers found that people who eat a lot of processed foods are twice as likely to be obese than people who don’t eat them.

They also found that food added to our diets, like soda and fast food, has a significant impact on the risk of obesity.

But the researchers said their findings are not definitive, and they say that more research is needed to see if there’s a causal link between processed food and obesity.

“What we’re seeing here is that processed food has a huge impact on our risk of becoming obese,” said the study’s lead author Dr. Amy Goodman, who also happens to be the director of Cornell’s Food and Drug Administration research center.

“And we know that the more processed food we have, the higher the risk.”

The researchers say there are multiple ways that processed and unprocessed foods can interact to create a toxic environment.

The study found that a high intake of processed or unprocessED food is linked to obesity and diabetes, as well as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

The authors say the high amount of sugar and processed foods added to people’s diets are often accompanied by high levels of fat, which can lead to high levels and high risk of heart disease.

The authors note that while some studies suggest that fat and sugar are linked, there’s no conclusive evidence to support this link.

“We need to understand the mechanisms that cause our bodies to react in a manner that’s different than normal, and we need to be able to control those processes,” Goodman said.

“In general, it’s pretty clear that we have a lot more to worry about if we have processed foods than if we don’t.”

This study was conducted as part of the Cornell Food and Drugs Administration (CFDA) Food Exposure Monitoring Program.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Dr. Goodman.

The article was first published at The Conversation.

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