How food is being banned in New York

NEW YORK — The Food and Drug Administration said Thursday that processed foods and other food products from China and other countries will no longer be allowed in the United States under its new ban.

The move follows a petition from New York State Assemblyman Robert Menendez who wants to see food that is imported from China banned.

A similar ban was imposed on meat products from Vietnam in 2015.

“Food and beverage imports are an integral part of the American diet, and it is critical that food safety be the highest priority,” FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a statement.

“The FDA has been focused on food safety for many years and this ban is the next step in that effort.”

Foods that contain genetically modified organisms are being banned because of concerns about food safety.

The FDA also said it will stop selling packaged food products to students at college and university campuses.

It also banned all imports of dairy products, eggs, honey, and meat from animals raised in factory farms, poultry farms, and slaughterhouses.

Food is also being banned from imported products from the European Union.

We are taking a fresh look at this issue.

The FDA has issued a temporary ban on foods from certain countries, but we are not changing the current policy on foods coming into the United State, including those from China.

Food imports from China, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are also prohibited.

The ban includes imports from frozen foods and from canned goods.