How to make dehydrated food in a blender

Technically, dehydrated foods can be made from ingredients that have been cooked, cooled, or frozen.

However, dehydrating food can also be made by soaking, rinsing, or cooking the ingredients.

If you’re trying to make food in your own kitchen, you can add ingredients like flour, butter, or cheese to the dehydrated liquid and then add more to make it easier to mix and form.

Here are some basic steps to make homemade dehydrated snacks and meals in your kitchen.

Step 1: Determine which dehydrating liquids you want to makeStep 2: Add ingredientsStep 3: Stir to mixStep 4: Add flour, cheese, and/or waterStep 5: StirStep 6: Stir or use a fork to mix for about five minutesStep 7: Transfer to food storage containerStep 8: Refrigerate or freezeStep 9: Store in refrigeratorStep 10: Keep in a sealed container for up to three daysStep 11: Enjoy!