How to get your non-processed foods registered at the Food Processing Institute

Posted February 25, 2018 11:09:56When it comes to processing your food, a non-perishable food like fruit, vegetables or meat may be processed into a processed food, according to the Food Processors Association of North America (FPANA).

The FPANA said that processed foods may contain ingredients like salt, preservatives, artificial flavors, preservative emulsifiers, coloring, presodium, nitrates, gluten, sodium and other additives.

FPA NA’s director of public affairs, Jennifer Lacey, said non-dairy and gluten-free foods should also be registered with the FPA as non-processing foods.

Lacey said that if your food has a pH of 7 or lower, it will be registered as a nonprocessed product.

“If it’s a pH 7, that food will be in a separate section of the FAPA registration database.

The non-fruits, vegetables and meats can then be sold to retail outlets,” she said.

Non-processing products are often made by combining other non-food ingredients with food, such as ingredients like sugar, flour, salt and spices.

The USDA defines a nonfood ingredient as one that contains no other food ingredient or is not a food product.

According to the FFANA, non-powdered milk, soy milk, low fat milk, almond milk, whey and cheese are all considered non-prebiotics.

All non-porous milk products are registered as processed food under the USDA’s register system, but many states have their own registers.

According to FPA NA, nonfood ingredients like yeast, herbs and spices are often added to foods to make them taste better.

Some non-beverage beverages are also registered as nonfoods under the register.

If you have questions about non-laboratory-process food, FPAna has you covered.

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