How to tell if your food is fake or processed

Food Safety News article 1.

Know the difference between a processed food and a real food.

A processed food has been made from food with a chemical added.

A real food is one that’s cooked without added chemicals.


If you can find a restaurant or grocery store that sells real food, they are probably fake food.


You can’t make fake food with ingredients from plants or animals.

That’s because those are not allowed under federal law.


Fake processed food is generally made from ingredients from animals and plants.


Real processed food generally has no artificial flavors or preservatives.


The USDA has banned the sale of fake processed food for a variety of reasons.


The Food and Drug Administration says the best way to tell whether a food is real or fake is to look at the ingredients.


You’ll see that a lot of processed food comes in containers that have been opened and not sealed properly.


But the FDA says it can help you spot a fake food by looking at the packaging.


When you buy a fake processed product, be sure to check the label.

If it says it’s “food,” it’s probably not real food and you can’t use it for a recipe.

What you can eat, too, will depend on the food you buy.