Which is the best protein powder for people with diabetes?

This is an excerpt from an article entitled,Which is the right protein powder?

articleA new study from the University of Tasmania (UT) has shown that high-protein foods are more effective than lower-protein alternatives for lowering blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

The study, published in the journal Nutritional Biochemistry, used data from more than 50,000 Australian adults between the ages of 40 and 78.

The researchers found that people with Type 2 diabetes had lower blood glucose after eating a high-potency protein meal, and were able to lower their blood glucose by 10% to 20%.

“Our results show that high quality protein foods are not only more effective at lowering blood sugar than lower quality foods, they also improve glycemic control and improve insulin sensitivity,” lead author Professor David McKean said.

“These findings are consistent with the recommendations from the World Health Organization, which recommends people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome to eat at least a moderate amount of protein, and at least 20% of calories from fat.”

“The results also suggest that eating a protein-rich diet may be beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and metabolic complications, including type 2.

These findings are also consistent with recent evidence that eating protein is associated with lower risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.”

The study also looked at how a diet rich in fat and carbohydrates was linked to higher levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C), a key marker of heart health.

People who were most likely to benefit from high-quality protein foods included people with high-blood pressure, people with a family history of type 2 diabetics, and those with a high BMI.

The findings were also backed up by a review published last year in the British Medical Journal, which suggested that high protein diets are also beneficial for those with type 1 diabetes.

“While high protein intake may reduce blood glucose, it is likely to be less effective than other strategies for managing blood glucose,” the authors wrote.

“For many people, this may be the result of eating a higher carbohydrate, high fat diet.”

It is likely that, in addition to helping with blood sugar control, higher quality protein may also increase HDL-C, a marker of cardiovascular health.””

As a group, people in the highest risk groups, such as those with high blood pressure and heart disease are at increased risk for developing type 2.

“Professor McKeann said the findings are encouraging and a step in the right direction, but said the data needed to be further assessed.”

We need more long-term studies that examine the effects of high protein on blood sugar levels,” he said.

The research was funded by the Australian Research Council.

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