‘I would be terrified’: Woman who ate raw chicken in public for the first time reveals her horrific experience

I was in a public park, eating raw chicken for lunch.

I was wearing a full-body sunscreen, and the temperature was somewhere around 40 degrees.

As I was eating, I saw a young man standing outside with a bottle of water.

I thought it was a boy, but he was in the wrong part of the park.

I don’t remember much of the conversation.

I just remember him looking at me and saying, ‘Is this okay?

Do you have a knife?’

I said, ‘I have a fork.’

He said, OK, I’ll have one.

He got the knife out and he was trying to chop the chicken.

It was really disgusting.

I have to say, I was really terrified.

He said to me, ‘Can you help me?’

I thought, What do you mean, help me?

I looked at the knife and I thought: I can’t cut a chicken, I can only get a fork.

He started to say some stuff, but I didn’t hear much.

The guy came back and I said: ‘How did you do it?

You don’t know how to cut a damn chicken?’

He said: I just found this knife and cut it.

I said to him: ‘What are you trying to say?

You cut a fucking chicken?’

And he said: What?

He was like, ‘You cut the chicken in front of me.

I’ve been waiting for you.’

“I said what?

‘The chicken in my hand.’

I was like: ‘I don’t have a fucking knife.

I’m going to be fucked.’

I said I’ll give you a fucking fork.

I had a fork in my hands.

He turned around and said, Oh, shit.

I got the chicken, and he threw it in the garbage.

He put it in a bag, but it was covered in shit.

The whole thing was covered with shit.

He was so angry.

He threw the bag out, and I was crying.

I started crying, and then I started walking away.

It’s not my fault that I went to the park, but my parents are angry at me because I went.

It didn’t matter if I did something stupid.

He walked up to me and said: “How do you feel?”

I said no, I don, I didn.

He kept looking at my face, and said something like: You’re so beautiful.

I wasn’t like: What are you talking about?

I said ‘I’m so ugly, I’m ugly.’

I looked back and said that I didn, I could only have one, and that’s a fucking plate of chicken.

I looked up at him and he said, Well, what the fuck are you doing?

I’m telling you what I know, you’re the one who fucked up.

He grabbed the knife again, and we were fighting, and it was like the biggest fight in my life.

The next day I got a letter from my mother saying that I was the one that did something wrong.

I didn’ even think about it, but at the time I was so afraid of my parents.

I knew that I would never forgive myself.

I never thought that I could be so selfish.

My parents were very, very upset.

When they got it, they were very angry.

My father had already said that he’d never forgive me, and my mother said: You know what?

I just want to be able to say that I did nothing wrong.

She wanted me to write a letter, but she couldn’t write it.

They just thought that it was something to do with me being angry.

I wrote the letter, and they were not happy with me writing the letter.

So I went home, and for the next couple of days, I wrote my mother a letter that said: Don’t ever let anyone take it away from you.

You are a beautiful person.

I kept thinking that I shouldn’t have said anything, but then I thought about it and I remembered that I’m not going to do that.

It felt like a death sentence.

I remember thinking: I don’ have to tell anybody.

I think it would be easier if I just never told anybody.

And it was very hard for me to leave my family, because they had never given me a second chance.

They’d always said, I want you to get good grades, and you’re not good at grades.

But they always told me that I should just let people judge me.

The only thing I did was go to the gym.

I could have just done my work, but now that I’d gotten out of my depression, I felt so much more powerful.

I felt like I could do anything I wanted, and if I didn