A new technology can save millions of dollars on food packaging

FOOD PROCESSING NPTEL FOODS CORPORATION, the largest food packaging and processing company in the world, is using a novel process to cut down on packaging waste.

Nptel has developed a new process that it says is 99.9 percent effective at reducing the amount of packaging materials needed for food packaging, including plastic, paper and metal.

It uses a process called encapsulation to process food waste into a solid, which it then stores in a protective packaging material.

The product is a flexible, self-healing, self cleaning, biodegradable material.

Naptel says the process can also be used to create a range of other products, including plastics, paper, food containers, food and beverage containers, toys, furniture, furniture and furniture products.

It also offers its customers a new packaging option, which uses a transparent, waterproof and flame retardant material that can be reused.

The company says the encapsulated packaging is 10 times more absorbent than the traditional plastic and is also three times lighter than conventional plastic.

The cost savings for customers will be a $30 million investment annually, according to the company.

The new process also reduces packaging waste by reducing the need for packaging materials, which can result in a reduction of packaging costs.NPTEL’s packaging materials are 100 percent recyclable, and it recycles its products through a process that can recycle up to 1.5 million tonnes of packaging material annually.

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