A new way to make delicious food is coming from the auger photo processing company

Posted September 13, 2018 07:23:30A new way of making delicious food has come from the company that specializes in producing food for chefs and restaurants.

Aging and the body-conscious consumer may be on the rise, but they are also eating out more and they are choosing the freshest foods that are made with the fresheest ingredients, said Rob Doolittle, chief executive officer and founder of Auger Food Processing.

He said he has been trying to incorporate a healthier diet into his business for many years.

Doolittle said he wants to create products that are as close to a natural diet as possible.

For instance, he is using a process called aging to remove excess sugars from food.

But when it comes to food, that process can also remove vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are found in healthy foods.

Dollar for Dollar, he said, can do all that while being 100 percent natural.

“When we are talking about what we do, what we are not using, the majority of the time it is all natural,” he said.

Auger sells the food-grade filaments in plastic and vacuum-sealed bags and in other packaging to restaurants and other businesses that can use them in processing, packaging, serving and distribution.

It also sells a variety of foods, including salad dressing, cookies, fruit and frozen desserts.

The company has a team of about 100 employees, all of whom are volunteers who work on the project in their homes.

The bulk of the work is done in an indoor facility in northern Virginia, where the company uses artificial lighting and a humidified environment to keep the quality of the food at a minimum, Doolitt said.

“There are some people in the world that are looking for the fresher food and there are some that are just looking for a place to eat,” he added.

The products are made by heating and cooking raw materials in the kitchen and then filtering them through a process that eliminates all the bacteria, which can be a challenge for some food processors because the microbes can cause disease, Dulittle said.

They also use a new process that uses the bacteria from the food to help create the products.

Auger is a small company that began in 2003 and has since grown to more than 1,000 employees.

The company produces more than 2 million pounds of food a year for restaurants and grocery stores in the U.S., the company said in a news release.

Augers process about 50,000 products a year.

For Doolitte, the goal is to create a system that will make it easier to make healthier food.

He has started with natural foods and has developed a new technique for using the probiotics, or the beneficial bacteria that are often found in foods.

“We are just starting to get to the point where we can make a lot of products that we can consume and not have to go into the kitchen,” he told ABC News.

He said his company’s first product will be a line of “cheese” that includes organic milk, yogurt, whole wheat bread and other foods that will be sold in restaurants and supermarkets.

He also wants to offer fresh produce for sale in grocery stores, as well as meats and other products.

He’s already been approached by a few restaurants and is working with some other companies on the process.

“We are excited to be a part of this trend,” he joked.

Dulittle is hopeful the business will be able to survive the rise of aging.

“The fact that we are able to use the technology and the manufacturing process that we do makes us really optimistic,” he acknowledged.

The more people understand the process, the better we can be, he added, adding that there are no hard numbers on how many people might want to try it.

Dolittle said Auger hopes to begin shipping the first product by the end of 2018.