How to cook with your own hands

How to make a simple meal with your hands.

Mrunal Foods, a family-run food processing company based in Delhi, has been making it simple for a while now, and now it has opened its own restaurant and restaurant catering to its customers.

Mundra Moksha in Lucknow, a bustling market, has become a destination for people from all over the country.

The food is all done in-house.

The restaurant is run by a young family, so the staff have no other options besides doing the cooking.

Munna Parakh, a regular customer, says she had been waiting for a restaurant for years.

“My husband has always wanted to come here, but he never wanted to go in front of other customers.

Now, I have a restaurant in my home.

I enjoy my food more.

It’s the best food I have had in a long time,” she said.

Kumar Das, who has been eating there for nearly four years, said that he had been coming to the restaurant since he was 10 years old.

“We cook with our hands, and we are all the same.

It makes us feel at ease.

I am happy that we are doing it,” he said.

Moksha Foods has made it easy to prepare a meal from scratch.

The cooking is done in the kitchen and all the dishes are washed and cooked on the premises.

The family has been cooking for the last five years.

The kitchen is equipped with a stove and a range of appliances.

A variety of food is available.

The meat is cooked using traditional methods, including chicken, fish, fish and vegetables.

“Our meat is delicious.

It is good for the soul.

It tastes sweet, savoury and has a tangy taste,” said Subramanian.

Das said that his wife, who works in the restaurant, had also cooked some dishes for him in the past.

“I cook for my family, and it helps me to relax.

My wife helps me eat a little less and enjoy the food more,” he added.

The owner of the restaurant said that it was a great opportunity for the customers.

“The customers are coming from all parts of the country, and they are all looking for Indian food.

We have opened two restaurants in Luckover.

We hope that our customers would come to the restaurants in future,” he told NDTV.

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