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How to fix your food packaging to prevent cancer

Processed foods may be the worst kind of cancer-causing agent.That’s according to the FDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), which has released a report saying that there is no safe level of consumption of processed foods. According to the report, processed foods are not “the healthiest” for consumers, and the

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What are processed foods and how do they affect us?

Posted September 08, 2018 10:21:59 What are all the ingredients in processed food?All the ingredients used in cooking, baking, making cakes and ice cream, sauces and curries, and so on.These ingredients are made from different food groups.The food industry includes hundreds of thousands of different types of products.For example, a

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Indian food industry looks to ‘sustainable, sustainable’ packaging process

India’s food industry is looking to “sustain, sustainable” packaging processes, after a report suggested that some “superfoods” could be contaminated with the deadly fungus anthrax.The report said that “super food” contamination in India’s agricultural sector is “a serious risk” that can be overcome through the use of a “sustainable” process

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Telangana: A country in transition

Telangya, a state in the northeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, has experienced rapid growth in recent years.It has grown by 10.4% since 2009 and has the second highest per capita income in India after Uttar Pradesh, which has a GDP per capita of $11,400.The country’s rapid economic development has been

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