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How to make dehydrated food in a blender

Technically, dehydrated foods can be made from ingredients that have been cooked, cooled, or frozen.However, dehydrating food can also be made by soaking, rinsing, or cooking the ingredients.If you’re trying to make food in your own kitchen, you can add ingredients like flour, butter, or cheese to the dehydrated liquid

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Why can’t I find any infrared food processors?

Posted by Melissa N. on June 19, 2018 08:56:38Food processors that emit infrared light are getting cheaper.In fact, they’re now cheaper than the current version of the product.That means you can buy one that uses the infrared light, and it’ll look, smell and taste like you’re eating an authentic local

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Which brands are best for the body?

The body’s ability to heal itself is one of the best predictors of longevity.For the first time, a new study from the University of Alberta, however, suggests that an even more important factor may be your microbiome.The study found that a person’s body composition can significantly influence the health of

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Why SunWest is investing in its infrared food processing business

In July, SunWest said it had raised $1 billion to expand its IR-processed meat and poultry business and increase its footprint.The company also plans to double its capacity in the U.S. to 1 million square feet.Sunwest said the $1.1 billion investment would help it expand its U.K. production to about

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