How to avoid a whole food ‘taste’ problem

Processed cheese, whole foods and processed meat are some of the most common foods people have trouble avoiding when they need to avoid being picky about the food they eat.But they’re also the easiest foods to accidentally overprocess, which can lead to digestive problems and digestive disorders like colitis.And for

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Which food processing equipment and utensils should I avoid?

The latest edition of National Geographic magazine published online today features a video from the International Culinary Institute’s (ICCI) Culinary Academy on the topic of which foods to avoid when preparing vegan foods.“Food is the ultimate canvas, a medium in which to experiment with new foods and textures,” the video

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How to fix your food packaging to prevent cancer

Processed foods may be the worst kind of cancer-causing agent.That’s according to the FDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), which has released a report saying that there is no safe level of consumption of processed foods. According to the report, processed foods are not “the healthiest” for consumers, and the

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How to stop the Trump administration from rolling back food safety rules

The Trump administration is poised to roll back some of the Obama-era food safety regulations put in place after a 2014 outbreak of E. coli infections.The move would be the first significant rollback of Obama-mandated safety rules since President Donald Trump took office.Here are the rules that were rolled back

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How to make the perfect eggnog from scratch

Eggs are a popular, if not essential, part of many dishes around the world.They’re the perfect accompaniment to meat-heavy meals and as an alternative to dairy products when you’re craving something light and refreshing.Here’s how to make them your own.1.Griddle the eggs2.Combine the eggs, 1/2 cup water and spices3.Heat a

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How to avoid overconsumption of processed food: Study

Scientists are investigating the possible link between processed foods and obesity, but some experts are warning against eating too much of them.A new study by researchers at Harvard University and Duke University has found that those who consume the most processed foods, and especially processed foods containing added sugars and

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The 10 Most Essential Stuffs for a Perfect Meal

We know that a perfect meal requires a little something to make sure it’s as tasty as it should be.We also know that we’re constantly hungry and don’t want to waste time on anything that might turn us into a cravings monster.We can’t think of a better way to spend

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How to Make the Best Autism Processers

The internet loves to hate on autism food processors, and while the industry is doing its best to keep its bad reputation to a minimum, there’s a lot that you should know before heading to the supermarket.The truth is, it’s hard to keep all the facts straight when it comes

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